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"Gran Caffè" is our BEST COFFEE, the highest quality blend we produce and the most appreciated by our consumers. Available: As whole beans, either ground for the stove-top coffee maker, or ground for the espresso machine

There are several varieties of gourmet Arabica coffee in this exclusive blend from Central and South America.
The blend is continuously analysed and checked by the Trieste Chamber of Commerce laboratory to ensure its high quality. The result is a subtle, pleasant blend, suffused with an unique and unmistakable flavour. It is an intense, enjoyable explosion of flavours that will linger.


How to prepare a perfect Moka

  • Preparation: use 1g of ground coffee for every 10g of water placed in the lower tank. Alternatively, fill the filter with coffee up to the edges without abounding and without pressing it. Settle the coffee in the filter by lightly tapping it;
  • Water: it must be poured into the lower tank up to and not beyond the valve. We recommend starting with hot water around 80 degrees;
  • Always use low mineral content water to prevent the coffee aroma from being altered;
  • It is best to heat over medium heat to gradually raise the temperature;
  • Extract with the lid open. Once the extraction reaches the middle of the tank, turn off the flame to avoid the gurgling and the consequent burnt taste;
  • Always wash the moka with hot water after each use and with neutral soap every 5 uses so that future extractions maintain the correct aroma and flavor.

Shipping Prices

Giovannacci Caffè's shipments it's a real deal. For Italy, choose as many products you wish and the shipping fee stays €6. If your order is over €50, the shipment is free. For Europe, shipment fee is €10. If your order is over €95, the shipment is free. For the UK the shipment fee is €34 - free if your order is over €200.

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