Born in Alessandria in 1931, from an early age he worked in the coffee industry as a representative for small family businesses in his country. Over time his passion increased and in the 60s, where everything was possible. He found a shop in the center of Finale Ligure, where he arrived for love, and where he started a family. In this shop he began his business, roasting his coffees and the rest is our history.


Born in 1958, he has been carrying out the family business with enthusiasm and passion for more than 40 years. He has managed the company sales point in the historical centre of Finale Ligure for years, acquiring an experience that today allows him to best advise anyone who wants to open an activity in the HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, Café) sector. He successfully completed the company technical course for the tasting of espresso at Sandalj in Trieste. He has always been the point of reference of the company’s business sector.


Born in 1970, at the beginning he managed the commercial part of the Company. Today he manages the historical family coffee tasting in the centre of Finale Ligure, ensuring high quality standards and reporting to the company the important feedback that he receives from the customers.


Born in 1986, she graduated with honors in Philosophy and deals with office management, logistics and the "Dolce Line". Before joining the company you worked in the historic store, where you acquired important skills in the coffee sector, fundamental for a punctual and concrete daily approach in customer management. You successfully completed the corporate technical espresso tasting course at Sandalj in Trieste. She makes her sensitivity and sweetness her strengths.


Born in 1988, he graduated summa cum laude in Administration, Finance and Management Control. He is responsible for administration, quality control and relations with foreign customers. Before joining the company, he worked for an international organization in Paris. He has been trained in the “roasting” sector, attending the Roasting courses of SCA (Specialty Coffee Association). His mathematical, precise and punctual mind gives security and stability within the company. He has taught at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo.


Born in 1996, graduated with honors in Work Psychology. He is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association where he has attended Barista Skills courses. Roasting and Sensory & Cup Tasting by passing exams and obtaining international certificates. He followed the course on water chemistry at BWT (Best Water Technology) and successfully completed the corporate technical espresso tasting course at Sandalj in Trieste. He held teaching activities at the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo. Q arabica grader from the Coffee Quality Institute. In the company he takes care of the commercial part, quality control, training and brand line.

The story of Giovannacci Caffè started more than fifty years ago, when Piero Giovannacci decided to open a small coffee tasting in the centre of Finale Ligure, where he also roasted the coffee beans in the back of the shop. That’s how the dream of his life came true. It was in the 1960s and since the opening of the coffee tasting, many people have been queuing up in the streets of the town centre to taste its coffees. The quality of the products was so high that in a short time Piero began to sell his coffees also to the nearby cafes. Little by little, year after year, with the help of his sons Massimo and Gilberto, an adventure begun, which still goes on and is now at the third generation of the Family of coffee roasters.

Today the company is led by Massimo and his children: Martina, Lorenzo and Francesco. Together they carry forward with passion what has now become “a family tradition”, taking their quality and story even outside the Italian borders, mainly in Northern Europe, that is the reference market for high quality coffees. In these years, the company has collected important successes and today it plays a leading role among high-quality artisanal roasteries. Now as then, Giovannacci favours, in its purchases, rare, selected and rigorously handpicked coffee qualities, whose availability at the origin is limited. The historical family coffee tasting shop, managed today by Gilberto, also allows a daily and fundamental “at the counter” test of products’ quality, and gives the possibility to have an objective feedback from the customers.

The company constantly invests in training, new technologies and avant-garde projects to increase the quality also from a point of view of the working processes, but always guaranteeing the highest quality of the raw material and keeping unaltered its craftsmanship. The company is continuously undertaking collaborations with leading chefs and restaurants, high-end cafés and luxury hotels that understand the importance of investing in a top-quality product that makes a complete difference. The future goals are many, always in line with the values of the past that made Giovannacci Caffè a point of reference in the world of high-quality coffee roasting plants.

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