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Our roasted Barley drink in a capsule with a specialist FAP filter
50 capsules, each 7.25g

Brasilia (Maki), Daltio (Piazza), Kimbo (Kapsula), Lavazza (EL 3100 Espresso Lavazza Evoluzione - EL 3200 - EP 800 - EP 2100 - EP 2101 - EP 2110 - EP 2111 - EP2140 Espresso Point 24V - EP 2200 - EP 2210 - EP 2300 - EP 2310 - EP 2302 - EP 2303 - EP 2310 Dosatore - EP2311 - EP 2312 - EP 2313 - EP 2400 - EP 2410 Cappuccinatore - Espresso Point Matinee), SGL (Rotary - Capsy - Goldstar).

EXPERIENCE: For 50 years, we have been coffee experts and our blends are the result of our continuous search for perfection. We have an excellent reputation because we select the best coffee in the world and we control the quality through close personal relationships with our suppliers.

PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Giovannacci Caffè always selects the best coffee from small plantations, all the harvesting is closely monitored to ensure the quality of the product.

THE ART OF ROASTING: Our highly experienced roaster constantly checks the colour of the beans. Once they are perfectly roasted, their special brown colour means all their aroma is locked in.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL: All our blends are continuously and carefully monitored and tasted to ensure consistent high quality. Even our packaging is specially selected to ensure our coffee remains fresh and tasty.

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