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This jute bag comes from the Guji province which takes its name from a tribe of the Oromo group, in the wider area of ​​Oromia. The area is ideal for coffee cultivation, not only for its climatic and altitude factors, but also for the nature of the soil, volcanic and therefore fertile and rich in nutrients.

In this region, known for a high quality coffee production, growers use to manually harvest ripe cherries, ensuring an high homogeneity of the harvest as well as a correct degree of maturation of the drupes. In Guji washed coffees, it is expected to savor intense citrus notes, a high acidity alleviated by flowery tones and a pleasantly clean body.

With these wonderful bags, you can give free rein to your creativity, you can use them to embellish your home, hang them, or even use them as comfortable containers for anything, and all knowing that jute is a natural textile fiber. We will take care of the bag you choose, from the choice of the bag with the most beautiful details to its cleaning.


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