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The first moka to be invented is that of Mr. Alfonso Bialetti, who in 1933 put the first moka on the market. The idea arose watching his wife do the laundry in a saucepan with boiling water, from here he tried to replicate the process in the kitchen and thus gave life to an Art Deco style product that would revolutionize the way of making coffee throughout the world and especially in Italy, where the Neapolitan coffee maker was used until before. Today the moka is part of the collection of the MoMa in New York and the Design Museum in Milan. Since then the same moka has undergone many variations and evolutions up to the most professional moka with double bottom and boiler heat diffuser that allow a gentle and gradual extraction making the best use of the coffee like the one we offer for sale, handcrafted in Italy with the use of high quality materials, aluminium and teflon. 100% MADE IN ITALY

With this special and unique coffee maker, we recommend trying our line of single origins, light roasted coffees with a marked sweetness and great aroma, perfect for extraction with mocha.


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